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Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

What is a Healthy Relationship? A healthy relationship is built on love, mutual care, trust and respect between both partners. It allows each individual to feel supported while also pursuing personal growth and fulfilment. Communication and Understanding Partners engage in open and respectful communication by expressing their needs and feelings clearly. They make sincere efforts to listen, overcome assumptions and …

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Is It Worth Being in a Relationship?

Is It Worth Being in a Relationship

Introduction Being in a relationship can bring many joys, like intimacy, companionship, and family. However, it also requires effort and sacrifice and comes with risks. Is the reward worth the work? Let’s weigh the pros and cons. Percentage of single adults who want to be in a relationship 49% Divorced Couples Remarry Each Other 6% Average relationship length before engagement …

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How To Reply To A Compliment In A Relationship?

How To Reply To A Compliment In A Relationship

Introduction In a relationship, getting compliments (especially if you’ve never received them) can sometimes feel a little odd. Still, feeling good about meeting compliments with acceptance and grace is something that can foster connection inside of a romantic relationship, and it is, in fact, a great social practice for all people to run a little extra of in their encounters, …

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How to Leave a Toxic Relationship?

How to Leave a Toxic Relationship

Introduction Relationships exist on a broad spectrum, from supportive to destructive. While no partnership is perfect, toxic relationships take emotional damage to an extreme. A toxic relationship is one where there are consistent negative patterns that undermine your self-esteem and overall well-being. Key Signs of a Toxic Relationship Toxic relationships are characterized by behaviors such as: In toxic relationships, one …

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What is a Platonic Relationship? – A Complete Guide

What is a Platonic Relationship - A Complete Guide

Introduction A platonic relationship is a close, intimate, affectionate—yet non-sexual and non-romantic—friendship between two people. While platonic friendships can occur between same-sex friends, the term is more commonly used to describe relationships between members of the opposite sex. Percentage of cross-sex friendships that remain platonic 80-90% Percentage of people who have had a platonic opposite-sex friend 60% Percentage of platonic …

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