How To Get My Husband On My Side? Getting Your Husband as Your Partner:

The Key to a Happy Marriage

Having your husband on your team is super important for a good marriage. When you and your husband work together and support each other, it makes life so much better. The cool thing is, there are easy ways to get your husband in your corner as your closest friend and biggest fan.

Good Communication is Everything Talking openly and honestly is the base for any solid relationship. You want a marriage where you can share your thoughts and feelings freely without fear. And just as important as speaking up is truly listening to understand your husband’s side too.

Here are some tips for better communication:

Here are some tips for better communication:
  • Set aside quiet talk time every day to discuss important things
  • Use “I” phrases like “I feel frustrated when…” instead of blaming
  • Don’t criticize or put down your husband
  • If an argument gets heated, take a break and revisit it later when calmer
  • Let your husband know you hear him, even if you disagree

When you practice open, respectful conversation, you build trust and intimacy with your husband. Transparency allows you to solve conflicts as teammates.

Quality Time Brings You Closer In our busy lives, it’s so easy to stop prioritizing quality one-on-one time together. But taking the time to really connect is a huge part of keeping your husband as your #1 partner.

Spending quality time doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Simple ideas include:

Spending quality time doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Simple ideas include:
  • Weekly date nights, even just cooking a nice dinner together
  • After-dinner walks around the neighbourhood to chat
  • Annual weekend getaways, just the two of you
  • Finding a new hobby you both enjoy like dancing or hiking
  • An hour of uninterrupted talking and cuddling before bed

The key is minimizing distractions and being fully present together during this couple’s time. Use it to learn new things about each other, reminisce, be affectionate and playful. This bonding strengthens your emotional intimacy and reignites the spark of friendship and romance.

The Power of Compromise Disagreements will always pop up, even in happy marriages. What matters is how you handle those conflicts through the art of reasonable compromise.

When you approach issues with a compromise mindset instead of “me vs. you,” you reinforce that you’re a team working toward the same goals, even if you have different ideas to get there.

To compromise well:

To compromise well
  • Listen to understand your husband’s viewpoint before restating yours
  • Look for solutions that respect both your core needs
  • Take turns compromising on different issues so it’s fair
  • Be gracious when you do reach a reasonable compromise

Showing a spirit of meeting halfway lets your husband know the partnership comes first. He’ll appreciate feeling heard, valued and empowered in your marriage.

Of course, it’s important to also have firm boundaries around any non-negotiable issues. Open communication prevents future resentments.

Appreciation Goes a Long Way In the daily hustle and bustle, it gets easy to lose sight of everything your husband does for you and your family. Making an effort to express sincere gratitude and admiration can really strengthen your bond.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated by their spouse! When you compliment your husband’s character strengths, efforts and successes, it fills up his emotional tank. He’ll feel loved, respected and motivated to keep being an awesome partner.

Simple ways to show appreciation:

  • Say “thank you” for small helpful acts
  • Compliment traits like his patience or work ethic
  • Congratulate him on his accomplishments
  • Leave a heartfelt note expressing what he means to you
  • Brag about him to friends and family

Regularly verbalizing your appreciation reinforces the positive and creates an atmosphere of consideration between you two. Your husband will be much more likely to go the extra mile when he feels that same encouragement from you.

The Power of Physical Connection While the emotional bond is crucial, physical intimacy is an important part of keeping your husband as your closest partner too. An active, satisfying sex life floods your body with bonding hormones and brings you closer together.

Despite stereotypes, the truth is you have full control to keep the spark sizzling for decades! It just takes intentionally prioritizing intimacy, even when life is hectic.

Spice things up by:

Spice things up by
  • Scheduling romantic date nights for unrushed lovemaking
  • Experimenting with new moves, toys or lingerie
  • Indulging in sensual massages as foreplay
  • Cuddling, hugging and affectionate touching daily
  • Flirting and building anticipation via suggestive notes
  • Resolving anger before getting intimate

Physical intimacy releases chemicals like oxytocin that boost feelings of pleasure, closeness and love specifically with your husband. This amazing bond relieves stress, increases affection and boosts self-esteem too!

At the end of the day, nourishing your Intimate life creates a profound way to experience sensual pleasures together that no one else can rival. It’s a uniting force.

The Full-Circle Partnership Putting in the work to communicate openly, cherish quality time, embrace compromise, express appreciation, and nurture intimacy creates an incredible marriage teammate in your husband.

You reinforce that your relationship is an equal partnership built on steadfast respect, support and desire to put each other first. Your intellectual, emotional and physical closeness intertwine to form an unbreakable team.

With your husband firmly on your side, you have a loyal confidant to lean on in hard times and an enthusiastic cheerleader celebrating your successes. You gain a best friend to brave all of life’s adventures together, dreams feel achievable, and the weight of any obstacles becomes lighter when you aren’t carrying it alone.


Most importantly, prioritizing this partnership enhances the romance, attraction and stability of your marriage. You’ll both feel deeply valued, and wanted and like you’re sharing this crazy journey through life as an inseparable unit.

Getting your husband as your true partner takes love, patience and commitment from both of you. But the profound sense of having your closest teammate by your side through everything makes the work more than worth it. You’ll build the type of unbreakable marriage bond that can withstand any storm.

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